Disquiet Junto 0223 Layered Sameness

This Junto has a self-explanatory title in Layered Sameness, although in my case it was more like 'layered similars' as there were pronounced variations in the argeggios I played:
Record multiple, slightly varying takes on the same looped composition in this project by Monome’s Brian Crabtree.

In a way the track has echoes of the E minor I've fixated on fingering this week. Recorded on a 'Nashville' tuned guitar that was also recorded on Thursday as Ashmore Reef.

For the Junto I cut a corner and used the mic input on the camera to record the guitar, and the noise floor rose considerably -- even after EQ -- across 11 takes.

The playing drifted and varied a lot, but I knew it'd be a blur with many parts. Now I think about it, the result is a big smear. I expect it's like 'free-bowing' in a string section.

I arrived at the Em to G and C to A after thinking about Dave Graham's tips that I'd read earlier today. The mid-range overlap of the tuning works well not to overpower the multiple takes. I like how arpeggios with 'Nashville' tuning become more like melodies as they hit the same note across chords. Notes that would be an octave apart using a standard tuning.

The parts were layered in Live with compression on a few channels and reverb smears it further. The two longest takes were of a similar length and I panned them hard left and right with compression so they'd stand out throughout. They're slow to follow the chord progression and it creates a slowing sort of feeling. Overall it's a good result, I think.