Working on the Chain

The new year brings a new Shinobi Cuts remix chain. Toastboat was released last month and we've started a new chain with a track from DJ Pnutz -- whose track on the last release was astounding.

Embedded above is my first attempt at remixing her track Infrasonics. It felt a bit self-indulgent adding my kids but their voices add a lightness to the material. The bassline you hear was recorded last year for a friend's track but seemed to suit and ended up in the final draft.

The logo for Shinobi Cuts shown here was one I designed. We wanted a ninja to reference the Ninja Tune Forum where our projects originated. Shinobi is, of course, another term for Ninjutsu, and cuts are a term for tunes. There's a version of the logo on Bandcamp that shows ninjas passing parts for a song.