Disquiet Junto 0162 Junto in a Box

The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to use Paul Lamere’s “Girl Talk in a Box” to gain a new perspective on your own music. I've used a recording made on Wednesday of my son Oscar singing the Sanctuary Boss theme from Earthbound. Hear the original in the video below.

In hindsight, I'm not sure I've followed the Junto instructions as this isn't really my own music. I think the voice is an instrument that will always seem more jarring when edited like this, because we're so accustomed to hearing it. Then again, it's a very jarring sort of editing using this application.

The idea of using a generative process to gain a new perspective on a work is something I've done a bit recently. There was a bassline I made-up one morning and recorded that has been the basis of a few works that have developed this way.

I've been using the bar-loop setting in Audio Damage's Replicant to add repetition, so much so that I haven't done anything with the originally recorded bassline yet.

You can hear it used first in Rapture of the Raptor and then in Darkness Flows. Both tracks were recorded for the Naviarhaiku project.