Naviarhaiku 056 Deep in the snow

So I dusted off my gated guitar rig last week and the Naviarhaiku project offered a chance to focus on recording a piece. A single-take recording of a riff I've been riffing more the last couple of days.

Haiku poem by Takahama Kyoshi
Picture by David Craig

Snow isn't something I see very often but I can remember walking in cold weather, if I cast my mind back a number of months. This track developed when I heard the percussive loop and imagined the crunch of ice underfoot. As the recording progresses you can sense the bassline slipping out of key and it reminded me of the challenge in staying positive when you're physically uncomfortable.

You can hear a more upbeat take on this riff in the alternate version I recorded. Funny how the same beat, tempo and (mostly same) chords can sound so different.