Remixed sex

It's no secret that I'm a fan of pornography. On my second album, YOUR, I sampled a bunch of videos to make the track Dance Naked. On another blog you can find an essay on how internet pornography empowers women that I wrote while studying feminism.

Above is a remix made from a recording of my partner Jo and I making fuck last month. At the time I felt reluctant to share the sound of my orgasm. It seemed a very intimate moment but then I started thinking about public declarations of love and, since I'm not married, this is a statement of my relationship.

Since then I've been thinking of a story about Robert Mapplethorpe, who responded to an accusation that he was exploiting his naked photography subjects by taking a picture of himself naked with a whip handle up his arse that made him look like the devil.

It was a story I remember thinking about when I posed naked for a university newspaper last century. Anyway, I think many sound recordists work hard to ensure they aren't recorded but it is an important experience to feel vulnerable. Sometimes I wonder if I'll hear my moans played back to me and how it'd make me feel.