Some time ago I challenged myself to record an album with vocals.

It's taken a while to get comfortable with the idea of sharing it, but that distance has let me observe there's a wide variety of styles among the tracks.

I'm grateful to US music educator and blogger Ethan Hein for remixing 'Prime' which was recorded for a Disquiet Junto project, as well as producer Laura "DJ Pnutz" Bolokoski for her amazing remix of the track 'Alright'.

I also found inspiration in the writing of Alicia Boyd and Ash Bond, and appreciated getting the perspectives of David Graham, Ian Joyce and Dan "Long Distance" Larkin.

Other tracks were responses to Naviar Records' haiku prompts, including 'Ghostly Melody' which was composed from my senryu poems.

The video for that song was recorded at Leeton's swimming pool and will be part of an online art exhibition organised by Dubbo-based artist Kim Goldsmith next month.

The album SING ends with an electro-metal hybrid which was written after reading a front page article in Griffith's The Area News (but then exaggerated).

As someone who loves music and writing, I had to give songwriting a go.