Disquiet Junto 0432 Ensembles (Remix)

Listening back over last week's Junto tracks, there were so many wonderful collaborations.

However, I had it in mind that I was going to take a traditional approach to remixing and add drums.

After all, most of what I've done for these trios has been drums.

This week I've revisited my 707 recordings from last week and used them with another of Krakenkraft's tracks.

'Threat' started as bass drones from Matt Davis Music, then Krakenkraft extended those and gave it that title, before Ausgesuchtestenohren added a "pulsating, noisy synth layer as the third one."

My contribution has been to sidechain the bass to the kick and create a dirty techno track.

The bass required a lot of attention and I've EQ'd it back a bit to squeeze in the kick.