Naviarhaiku 137 - Meteor shower

The Perseid meteor shower prompted the Naviar haiku this week and, while it isn't visible in the Southern Hemisphere, I've seen others.

A memorable experience was when I first moved to the country earlier this century and was living in Wagga.

I awoke at 3am to see the forecast meteors and drove north, where the best views where supposed to be found. Must've got most of the way to Temora before I spotted a road that seemed dark and facing in the direction I wanted.

I recall lying on the bonnet of my Honda Accord, feeling the warmth of the engine and looking up to see a dazzling display of multi-coloured streaks across the sky. It amazed me to see the white, yellow, orange, blue and green dashes.

For this track I've used the four-string guitar that's inspired a number of recent tunes, as well as my five-string bass. It's a simple chord progression with higher tapped notes to convey the sense of light streaking across the sky.