Disquiet Junto 0240 Emerging from a Drone

The Junto this week described a song emerging from a drone. I feel I've skimped on the drone and could've stretched it out further, however.

I'd been jamming in the key of G when the Junto instructions arrived and I couldn't escape it, although I switched to my 'Nashville' tuned guitar.

There I recorded four minutes playing a G minor chord first -- which I thought would play the drone but that ended up being the fretless bass.

The idea to record vocals was impromptu but I had the foresight to use a decent mic rather than the camera. Then I recorded two takes on my four-string guitar.

There are four drum takes layered up and they're mostly in time. Mostly. The two bass parts were recorded last and in each the strap fell off the bass, so it drops out in places.

Before I started recording today I'd logged into llllllll.co and added a few free VSTs in the thread. I used Rough Rider (Pro though) on the drums and Frohmage on the one part too.

Reverb is Audio Damage's Eos and Valhalla's Shimmer. The delay is an Ohmboyz reverse preset on the four-string, same as I used last week.

Recorded and mixed quickly, then mastered with Ozone 7.

Screenshot of Ableton Live shows the four drum takes and two bass takes.