Here comes a video

Here's the 14th video accompanying the AND album and the 25th video of my Disquiet Junto tracks. It's the track Here Comes A Train, which was created from a recording made at storytime in Leeton Library.

The Library Shhh Junto project had asked for a recording from the front desk. I'd recorded on video as well as audio but wanted to use the storytime, which had already started when I started recording so I didn't set up the camera.

The train comes from Ramponi Park, it seemed an obvious addition. Adds nice colour and some sound too. And I covered up the Ken Done painting at Leeton Library with a home movie for various reasons, including disliking his work.

One thing I do like about Done is that brightness really is an element of the Australian landscape. There's a story about a cinematographer or director arriving by airplane and, shielding his eyes as he steps into the light, exclaims "This country is half a stop overexposed."