Disquiet Junto 160 One Minute Past Midnight

The Junto this week asked for a one-minute field recording starting right at midnight (wherever you are). Initially I thought I was going to bed early on Friday night, then my partner had other ideas.

The Safe For Work version of this story is that I recorded outside my bedroom window.

The recording was made using a Rode NT-4 stereo microphone and Zoom H4. You can hear the hum of air-conditioners as well as cicadas.

But that felt like cheating because I'd made that recording around five past midnight. At the time specified I was recording inside the bedroom while making love.

Often I think there aren't enough representations of loving adults. I was thinking of that when I observed to my partner that it was getting close to midnight. I could set up a microphone in my bedroom, I suggested. She was into it.

In theory we were making pornography while recording our shag, but it doesn't seem that rude. A bunch of non-linguistic verbal cues but I guess it's significant that they weren't faked.

My partner moans and it's one of my favourite sounds in the world. However, it was just after midnight that I switched off the microphone and, as I walked past the clock, saw that the moment to be recorded had just past. Around about the time I was climaxing in the heat of a hot summer night.

And it had been a wonderful moment and, since I'd recorded it, I thought I should add more love to the world. My partner and I have a lot of love, so it feels like a great opportunity to capture some. She gives amazing head -- I hid footage of her talent in a recent video.