Disquiet Junto 0632 Shear Wind

A funny thing happened along the way to finishing this track. 

I set out yesterday to record sheer wind noise. 

It's something I rarely do and the result seemed underwhelming. 

The microphone mightn't have been plugged in, but the noise was more mechanical most of the time and the wind noise was mostly insignificant. 

So I gated the peaks and used Live to set the BPM and make a drum part from the field recording. 

Along the way I made a different track with a field recording that totally lacked shear wind noise and began wondering if this track was, well, off track for the Junto. 

Then I went back and re-read the Disquiet instruction and realised I had followed the purpose, particularly this bit: "a noise you didn’t notice until you listened back, or a malfunction in the recording equipment." 

The grunting bike noise propels one track in a pack of rhythms and, while it's not wind shear, I followed the direction to make music with the resulting recording.