naviarhaiku462 – Icarus

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week resonated with me after I read the comments from author Kimberly A. Horning:

"I began writing haiku about four years ago. I try to write daily, giving myself Sundays & holidays off. ‘Ku is a kind of discipline for me—much like a daily walk or yoga practice. Haiku quite simply saved my life.”

In 2017 I set myself a challenge to write a haiku everyday and it's a practice that I've mostly maintained since then.

However, when I learned that many of my poems were better described as senryu, I shifted my style and started a new blog to collect those pieces this year.

A couple of times in previous years I've collected poems as rensaku-style pieces and shared those as a response to Naviar prompts.

Last year I offered one of these pieces to an anthology of poetry written during the pandemic and the book launch was held last night.

As part of that event I decided to spice up my reading by using the Cut-up technique and set it to music.

You can see that my partner assisted me by pulling lines from out of a hat.

Horning's aim "try to write honestly about my struggles with depression" led me to think I should record a reading of my piece as a response to the prompt shared by Naviar this week.