Disquiet Junto 0563 Digital Magical Realism

This week the Disquiet Junto assignment asks "What does this imaginary genre sound like?"

I had a few thoughts about Digital Magical Realism, then thought I'd sleep on it.

When I awoke, I looked at my guitar pedals and pondered the digits being manipulated within their chassis.

I liked the idea of taking the piece from my digits on the bass, through the pedals and into something magical while the realism of a single-take kept it anchored in a performance.

However, I'd forgotten the challenge of hum and was also disappointed that I couldn't get a Valhalla Shimmer-like effect using the Superego.

Nor could I get a voice-like tone from the Talking Machine.

It was good to play the bass again though, although I excised a couple of loops around a minute and a half because I was fiddling around.