Shiver me timbers

Just as Autumn brings a cold bite to the weather, I land an original bass called Shiver Me Timbers.

It arrives from Melbourne via a couple of friends, who tell me:
The neck was made by a dude who came to Australia to tour, from Romania or somewhere. My mate Nick who plays bass in one of my bands (who sold it) was involved with the tour somehow and was asked by this guy to buy a bass drum so he could build his instrument here rather than bring such a big thing to Australia. When the guy returned home, he decided he couldn't be bothered to dismantle it to take the neck home so it stayed with Nick.
After going through a period influenced by Morphine, it's really good to have a two-string bass -- especially one that is more akin to a double bass.

Using a bass drum as a resonator is an interesting touch but it's got a great sound. Hear it here!