Disquiet Junto 0237 Combination ABCs

The Disquiet Junto this week prescribed a 90-second composition from three 10-second segments.

In the past I've found these kinds of instructions to be good for editing together field recordings, so I looked to material recently collected while on holiday in Queensland.

The beach house at Valla has these wired windows in the internal stairwell wall. I've been meaning to take contact microphones to use with them but used the camera with a Rode VideoMic to record it this trip. They contribute two of the three recordings used here.

The other part that can be heard is tapping on the handle of a pot on a stovetop in Brisbane. All three recordings have been re-pitched to suit a 10-second section as loops.

As well sounding slower and lower, all three parts have been gated. In places this has muted notes on the wires, which can be seen being plucked in the video below.

The recordings in this piece can also be seen and heard in the tracks Lee's Kitchen and Valla Beach House.