Naviarhaiku129 - I saw prisoners

The Naviar haiku this week offers an image in which the prisoners seem to be contrasted against the wildflowers.

My response draws on recordings made on the road outside my home.

While it doesn't feature wildflowers, it does include a kind of prisoners in the form of my kids taking the bus to school.

These recordings were made for a recent Junto project but weren't used in it. The same morning I experimented with recording with my waterproof camera in puddles and the flowing gutters.

It's been a wet winter and I'm also commenting on how the weather makes me a prisoner in my home. I guess it's not so bad though, as I get to light a fire and make music.

The music shares with an earlier Junto the idea of making a rhythm from short loops. I exaggerated the lower frequencies to get a kick drum sound from a water drop.