Disquiet Junto 0231 Field Complement

It was exciting to see the Junto return to an assignment from 2013 that involved creating a field recording and then composing an accompaniment.

The track I recorded in 2013 was one that ended up on my album WHILE and I considered creating a complementary track when I recorded my kids getting onto the school bus this morning, as they'd gotten off the bus in the original.

Then I spent time making a few other recordings this morning and I liked the sounds at the traffic lights best. These are the only traffic lights in the town of Leeton and there are lots of trucks on the roads, which sounded good on a wet day.

Now I should probably explain why my track is about twice the recommended length. It's because I didn't want to make it to be shorter. I delayed the decision to edit by pressing ahead with recording the accompanying four-string guitar, then decided the take sounded good as it was.

The rain meant I didn't take notes during the recording. Instead I made notes afterwards in the comfort of my home and followed the timings as best I could.

I tried a few chord progressions before settling on the parts I've recorded. As I played I imagined how cars speed up to try and make it through the traffic lights, adjusting the tempo accordingly.

I think I made nearly one and a half dozen takes before feeling like I'd gotten it right. These might get layered up since that worked well on a couple of earlier Junto projects. (Did this. Hear it here.) The take used was fourth-last.

Not sure about the production. I think the levels might be a bit loud for the style of the track. I'll adjust that if it ends up on an album but I haven't compiled one since AND in 2014.