Naviarhaiku113 - In the clear night

Another beaut haiku from Naviar this week. 

The positive response to a previous field recording, led me back outside with a microphone. My partner is away with our car, so I didn't get to visit an actual forest. Instead I decided that, if urban jungles are a thing, then I'd capture a suburban forest.

I liked the idea that moonlight reveals a hidden orchestra, so I started thinking about revealing hidden sounds. I've been experimenting with EMF and there's a power substation nearby that must produce a lot of that, but it didn't suggest an orchestra. And I'd already recorded a Naviar track recently using an EMF recording.

Then I remembered a homebrew software I'd looked at years ago called sniff_jazzbox. Back then there was only one wireless network on the property where I lived and it was running a dial-up internet connection, so it was quite underwhelming. It would chime a piano note every few seconds but I always meant to try it in a city.

I played around with a recording of the software 'sniffing' my wi-fi yesterday. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense for this project -- especially when I considered this sarcastic meme I'd seen on Facebook.

These days even my small suburb has oodles of wi-fi networks. I took a ride on my pushbike yesterday and listened to nearly two dozen just going around the block. There was one section in particular that sounded nice, so I returned there early this morning.

Before the sun rose I also recorded crickets in my backyard, as well as some video of the tree-lined streets under the crescent moon.

This afternoon I've used Ableton Live to convert the 'sniffed' wi-fi into MIDI, which I've then used to trigger Ableton's orchestral samples. The lead instrument is a cello, which is supported by a viola section and both string and wind sections. These have been exported via UAD's Ocean Way reverb, as well as other lush effects. I added a Novation V-Station bass, as well as the backyard crickets.