Disquiet Junto 0215 Tiny Rhythms

When the Disquiet Junto instructions arrived I was in a projection workshop in Wagga. I'd prepared for recording by packing a few options but in the end didn't get a chance to record. I did, however, have some ideas.

Foremost was an idea to finally get around to playing with EMF. I'd read how to use an old motor coil as a microphone for electromagnetic fields a while ago and, when Corrie had talked on her enthusiasm for fluorescent lights, I'd shared the idea. Last year I'd seen a commercial version but it's very easy to find an old motor and add a jack.

The other idea was to use my contact microphone with containers to add more resonance. One was a wooden box that came with an upmarket brie, the other a reusable coffee cup that had a nice deep kick sorta thump. Onto these I dropped a needle, rice grains, a button and a sunflower seed.

Luckily I'm fighting a mild viral infection and took the day off work, as it meant I could solder a jack onto the blender motor I'd been saving and then record and arrange the parts for this Junto.

The instruction to not change the sounds meant I didn't spend too much time on it but I've got a great collection of samples to work into something else now. Couldn't help but use gates, EQ and compression though, which may have been cheating but I did resist re-pitchng and delay.