Disquiet Junto 0204 Under Beat

For the Junto this week I recorded a couple of takes on the drums and half of one on bass guitar, accompanying “Beacon, For Marissa” By Toaster. My playing feels a bit messy, as it has been ages since I played a musical instrument.

In the computer I layered up the drum parts and looped a bar of bass. As a kind of challenge to myself, I've been recording single-take parts for the Juntos. It was something I found myself questioning when the drum parts drifted apart. Yet it seemed important after I gave up on trying to record a single take on the bass.

Then I used Ableton Live's convert to MIDI function to create harmony and melody parts that were run through Phosphor and Absynth VST instruments.

This six-minute result feels a bit long. I might edit my parts without Beacon... and tidy it up.