Naviar Soundbook 005 The Stonecutter

The Naviar soundbook this week was a Japanese folk tale about a stonecutter getting enough wishes to be happy as he was.

The thumb piano came to mind as the chord seemed like one that would accompany the granting of wishes. Something about the shimmering chords makes me think of entrance music for a genie.

The rocks seemed an obvious choice. I selected pairs from a small pile of beach stones that I've collected and recorded them with a Rode NT-4.

Then I recorded a bass line, moving between verses in F# and a chorus in A. It worked well for outlining chord progressions within the thumb piano loops, which I'd re-pitched.

Finally I added a synth part to give a sense of lift, as the story outlined transforming into a cloud. Was tempted to use strings but this track still seems like it'd sit alongside the songs I've previously made with Ableton's orchestra samples.