Disquiet Junto 0167 Free Bassel

It's good the Disquiet Junto is returning to the subject of Bassel but I was sad to learn he is still imprisoned.

The idea of remixing silence perplexed me a bit. I opted to record my son's room at the far end of my house but used a 10-second section where we made our way outside. In part I was inspired by the video about a father of four that appeared at the top of the Music of Sound 'detritus' blogpost recently to include the noise of children's activity at my place on Saturday morning.

There was a bit of noise from a handball game in the backyard and the sounds of the rice co-op a few streets away, including the hum and the beep of a forklift. Neither sound source was directly outside the window but the neighbour's house is and it seems to reflect a lot of noise into this room. You can see my son keeps it very messy, the carpet you can see is most of what isn't covered by Mad magazines and clothes.

Listening back to the recording there were a couple of door noises that stood out in the waveform. These formed the basis for most of the sounds in the track. I also looped my son asking why I was leaving my recording gear running in his room. It seemed appropriate to include the question 'why are you leaving?' being asked over and over.

Often when I remix field recordings it'll take me a few attempts to get a track but today I was mostly happy with the dubby techno direction from the first brush with the material. The door slams were stretched and resonated for the chord washes, as well as re-pitched for the kick and tom-like percussion parts. Delay was added to the latter, along with a bit of colour and EQ, as well as increasing reverb elsewhere.