Disquiet Junto 0166 Slow By Steps

The Disquiet Junto this week outlined a process of selecting a sample from Eugène Ysaÿe performing 'Rondino' by composer Henri Vieuxtemps and slowing it down by stretching the sample in successive steps. It's the sort of process that gets me excited because it's a technique that I then want to try with a track of my own that needs help.

When listening to the piece 'Rondino' I liked the start and end for loops but thought they'd be a bit obvious. Jumping around the track, I found a section at 2.18 that seemed good as it would loop back onto itself. Ableton Live defaults to a timewarping setting that kept the original pitch and accommodated the changes to the transients in a way that didn't lead everything to sound lower. It sounded good so I kept it.

Then I played along using a bass synth VST and found a few notes that worked. Then found a synth sound that complemented the original piece, so I copied my MIDI part and pitched it down an octave and made a new bass part. The drum loop was added last and I wasn't sure it'd suit the timing but it came to sound right.

And last, I played a bit with the EQ and spatial positions of the parts in the mix. Also added a few effects to make the parts sound rough so they would sit alongside the recording of 'Rondino'.