Disquiet Junto 155 Mix Match

The Assignment: Take a track and its remix and meld them into something new.
This is the next to the last project of 2014. It’s a remix of a remix, and of the track the remix was based on.

This week I opted for a dub sorta track as there seemed plenty of bass material and reverb seemed an obvious choice too. Reverb is an effect I've really come to love through the Junto.

There's definitely a bit of a Pole vibe, although I think the hats could be better. Usually I find my remixes benefit from a few drafts but with this track I only did the one.

I created a few short loops, alternated them and then set about trying to develop a rhythm. The loops are sent to the reverb buss at different points, which creates a bit of variety in the background.

The hi-hat comes from the Colab remix, as does one of the subby sounds I think. The rest of the sounds come from the original track. The bassline was a late addition, I like the progression it adds.

The reverbs are Valhalla Shimmer and Audio Damage Eos. I also used Audio Damage Replicant and many instances of Ableton Live's Beatrepeat to gate the loops. I also used Live's gate and EQ,