Disquiet Junto 153 Groove Lock

The 153rd Disquiet Junto is to “Record a short sound intended to be set on repeat”. The image associated with this project by Stuart R Brown.

One of my favourite loops comes from the chords opening Charles Mingus' cover of Mood Indigo. These two chords and a bit are the loop I'd like in a Buddha Machine. A bowl-like chime would also be nice, or maybe a wine glass or two in the key of D minor.

My strangely named track 2 Go (Modern) is meant to reference Mood Indigo, with the brackets read first, like an e.e.cummings poem. The synth sounds come from V-Station and Massive.

I don't think it's as nice as the piano chords, which would also evoke the purple mood, but it's nice enough although Soundcloud don't offer me a repeat option. The loops on the Buddha Machine seem like a compositional challenge but it'd be great if they released a version where you could import your own soundtracks or select from a menu.