Disquiet Junto 151 Reliving Dead

The Disquiet Junto this week asked for a soundtrack to George Romero's film Night of the Living Dead using sound from within the scene being scored.

After experimenting with a later scene, I settled on this earlier one for the knocking sounds and the telephone. Both were used for percussive effect. The drums come from the first couple of knocks looped, with a couple of instances of Ableton Live's Beatrepeat effect.

The chord progression was created from the word "Food". The elongated vowel was suitable for looping, then I pitched it up and down to create the progression and ran it through a resonator. The crescendo toward the end is the result of the Valhalla reverb Shimmer.

The bassline is the same loop of "food" but pitched down an octave and rhythmically gated. There's also another "food loop that's ran through Quad Frohmage.

One small hurdle was ensuring my soundtrack led into the one that starts at the end. At first I thought it didn't matter, then decided it was a challenge I should meet.