Disquiet Junto 125 Yellow Dog Blues

At a conference a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to an app by the National Library of Australia that offers their sheet music, arranged chronologically. I suggested they develop a competition to record a rendition of a piece from the app and started thinking it could be something for the Junto.

Coincidentally this week the Junto are proposing covering a 100-year old tune called The Yellow Dog Blues. The recording above helped me get a feel for the lyric delivery. I also liked this Yellow Dog Blues.

My version is a slinky rock track that sounds kinda karaoke.

The sheet music was kinda impenetrable for me. After googling a few renditions, I started jamming on a blues riff and eventually settled on a rock feel via disco.

My vocal performance needs more practise, especially the second verse. I was tempted to edit that out. Meant to use an English accent but ended up with that bad twang after too much Singstar this morning.