Disquiet Junto 117 Naviar Haiku Project

Not so long ago I signed up for a project similar to the Disquiet Junto called the Naviar Haiku Project. The idea is to respond to the haiku poem they provide and I like haiku and I like making music, so I was intrigued and joined.

This week the two projects overlapped, which was good as I wanted to respond to the haiku but have plans.
Step 1: This is the haiku for the 12th Naviar Haiku project entry:
“They encounter
A cathedral of ice
At the end of the world”
Step 2: Compose an original piece of music in response. 
Step 3: Upload the file to the Disquiet Junto group on SoundCloud and describe your approach and process in the text field associated with the track. 
Step 4: Also consider uploading the file to the Naviar Laboratory group on SoundCloud. 
Step 5: Listen to other members’ tracks as they appear in the Disquiet Junto feed on SoundCloud, and comment on them when you have the time.

Once again I took the opportunity to record a chord progression I'd been jamming on. I thought with the right treatment it would sound appropriate, so I recorded MIDI with my guitar and ran that through a few VST synthesisers: Phosphor, Absynth and Massive.

The percussion part was a click-track that I decided to keep and I experimented with automating different reverbs to give a sense of movement, which was a technique I learned from the 3D Junto last year.

P.S. I recorded an unplugged version of the track High Coo too.