Vapor Wave

My plastic kettle provided the boiling water, which was recorded using a Barcus Berry Planar Wave contact mic into a Zoom H4.

There were nice tones throughout the process of heating water but I restricted myself to the couple of seconds when the water was boiling. Missed that lovely rumble when the switch first went on.

Using Ableton Live I created four parts using two takes of a couple of seconds of boiling.

The first rotated through four loops pitched differently, which were gated using a couple of instances of Beat Repeat.

The second used Beat Repeat to create a percussive hit, hyped and massaged through various EQs and compression and then Beat Repeated again for variation every two bars.

The third was a bass loop, pitched down and reverbed before being Beat Repeated.

While the fourth was pitched up and followed a similar effects chain for the spray can-like noises.

This is my 36th Disquiet Junto I think. I've been revisiting the pieces recently with a view to compiling an album of the better tracks.