The Necks

I'm a fan of The Necks, Australia's misplaced improvising musicians. I write misplaced because they're always being labelled jazz and I think they've got a different pedigree.

Often I think how much I'd like to form a Necks cover band, maybe we'd be called The Ties or The Scarves or something pithy. This quote from Neck Chris Abrahams explains part of the appeal for me:
"There is no premeditating … we tend to play things that are very simple, we play them over and over again. The humanness of repetition … Because what we play is so simple and we ourselves get mesmerised, we can sort of go between being player and a member of the audience."

To my mind the style of The Necks is more akin to experimental music like Theatre of Eternal Music but, rather than explore harmonic relationships, they explore melodic relationships in intensifying style.

P.S. Good interview with 2/3s of the band at Cyclic Defrost.