Apple remix

On Sunday there's an exhibition opening which I'm involved in. It's based on an interesting premise, that by forcing artists to relinquish control over elements such as their source of inspiration and place other constraints, their processes will be revealed. (I've a bit more on this here.)

My inspiration was three red apples and I was always planning on a remix but there are a couple of other ideas I'll be exploring too. Below is the fourth attempt at remixing the apple and the video will debut in the gallery on Sunday. You can see the video from the second remix attempt here.

This track incorporates audio from two piezo contact microphones, the two shown in this post, with the Rode VideoMic on the camera shooting the footage, which was remixed in Ableton Live. Four remix attempts is more than usual, also unusual is that the samples looped in the track haven't been pitched up or down. Often I'll push samples up or down two or three octaves and add so many filters they take on a different character, but here mostly gates have been used with a little delay in one spot.