Disquiet Junto 0644 Event Horizon


The Junto project is to record music for a party and it happened to coincide with my family leaving me at home alone.

That would’ve been my cue to have a party, but I had responsibilities such as packing an exhibition and pitching a TED talk.

I’d been looking for an opportunity to record the drum kit, which will be moved in the next month so we can use the fire when the cold weather starts.

When the Junto instructions arrived I had the chorus riff, so set about adding a couple of chords for the verses and wrote lyrics on Friday.

Then I quickly MIDI’d a sketch to play along with and recorded the drums and guitar on Saturday morning.

I gave myself three takes for each and edited these to record the bass and vocals today.

There’s a bit of editing to smooth out my performances, as well as adding a second guitar part and double-tracked chorus from earlier takes.

My plan was to record a blues track, as I’ve been thinking about Ethan Hein’s song lesson in recent weeks and bending notes.