Disquiet Junto 0611 Music That Listens to Itself


The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to "Record a piece of music that repurposes itself as it proceeds."

I pondered that directive for while, at first thinking it was about establishing a leitmotif, then reading the detail about effects:

From reverb to echo to tape loops to granular synthesis to accessing a buffer, various techniques serve such a compositional and performance purpose. Consider a means to achieve this result.

This led me to use my gated effects with two chords to draw attention to how the different pedals are triggered by the drumloop to shape the ukulele part.

The effects chain splits an octave below and above, while the original part goes to the Empress Zoia pedal with the "Loopforest" preset.

On the octave below is a Mainframe bitcrusher and Bass Synth, while the octave above goes through a stereo chorus and into the Modrex.

The drumloop is going through a Platform compressor and Generation Loss, before being filtered by a Mini Kaoss Pad.