Disquiet Junto 0574 Audio Journal 2022

The Disquiet Junto project is to "Create a sonic diary of the past year with a dozen (or more) super-brief segments."

You can see there are five one-second snippets from each month this year.

I’ve been prompted by the Junto to compile these videos since 2015 and it’s an engaging way to look over one’s output.

This year I’m surprised to see how much synthesisers were used and that led to a few performances, as well as the snippet from my living room live set.

The video contains a second from a Junto project with RPLKTR and ends with a second from a video recorded by Andrew Glassop for Orana Arts.

Along the way there are also collaborations with my partner Jo and son Oscar, as well as various art-based projects like the Rescue of Riverina Birds exhibition and development of an installation that will be at Burning Seed in 2023.

Thanks to the Disquiet community for inspiration and encouragement.