Disquiet Junto 0542 2600 Club

The Disquiet Junto this week takes inspiration from phreaking and specifically the 2600Hz whistle that tricked telephone systems about 50 years ago.

The instructions don't mention Joybubbles, who discovered this hack, but I was prompted to read about his life again.

I'd remembered it was a moving obituary when I encountered it and his life has only become more poignant to me.

In part because I've spent time with a blind musician who has perfect pitch and was fascinated to learn how he'd come to terms with industrial noise.

Mostly though it was the discussion of Joybubbles retreat into childhood, which happened to a friend of mine in recent years.

So, as much as I wanted to write a tune worthy of Joybubbles aspirations, it ended up being tempered with a more sombre tone.