Disquiet Junto 0539 Control Breath

Since the Junto started being published before bedtime on Thursday, there's been Disquiet in my dreams.

This week the assignment is to "Let your slow breathing guide a piece of music" and my process involved a tale worthy of Dickens.

The Ghost of Juntos Past reminded me of project number 0219, where I'd remixed intimate breaths shared with my partner.

The Ghost of Juntos Present gave me opportunities to record today.

When I awoke I saw the gear I'd been playing yesterday, which was patched with the SE-02 take CV/gate from the TB-03.

My partner agreed to let me record her breath while I pleasured her and I thought it'd be fun to listen on repeat while I created the musical parts.

The TR-09 kept wanting to play a programmed riff, rather than the simple MIDI part to counter the TR-08 and the delay on the TR-06.

At the last minute I decided to play the laptop keyboard through the SE-02.

The Ghost of Juntos Future will likely arrive when I use the stems from the three takes for a remix.