Disquiet Junto 0487 Carillon Quotidian

The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to "Turn a recurring sound from your life into music."

It arrived as the mild summer seems to have given way to a mild winter, so I've been running the air-conditioner during the day to bring warm air into the house.

(During summer I run it at night to bring cool air in and sometimes, when it's really hot, I use the evaporative air-conditioning.)

When I stepped outside on Friday to record the hum of the fan, I noticed other activities around the house.

You can hear passing traffic and my neighbour was particularly shrill, but I also listened to the dripping of the tap -- which we let drip as birds will drink from it.

Then I noticed how the ants have been frenzied around 3pm and will disperse by the time my kids return home from school, which is kinda mysterious.

The ants are way more active than me!

As for the music, I wanted to do something with the glockenspiel that was part of my unsatisfactory Junto response last week.

That instrument sorta lends itself to being a carillon.

And I also wanted to record drums and tried to match the tempo of the dripping tap.