naviarhaiku264 – night wind

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week has an Australian theme and coincides (coincidentally) with the national holiday

At first I felt a bit uneasy about trying to interpret the Dreamtime, which is a concept of the Australian Aboriginals.

This Dreamtime (great discussion here) is mythic and connects the indigenous people with their ancestors, so I wasn't sure that I could represent it in music.

Furthermore, Australia Day celebrates the arrival of the First Fleet, who claimed the country for Britain.

So it's becoming increasingly common for protests and calls to change the date to a more inclusive day for celebration.

After some reflection, I've settled on the line about the bush coming to life.

It's a phenomena that I've experienced while camping, particularly in remote locations.

Nocturnal animals roam the landscape and it can be surprising to encounter them, particularly the hiss of possums and the death metal-style growl of koalas.