Disquiet Junto 0356 Ground Swell

The Junto this week asks for a recording of a place made with layers to create unease.

I'm not sure I understood the instruction but had an idea of a place where I've been frightened and used a recording of my clothesline to create unease.

My house is on the wrong side of the tracks and, while there are routes to get to town, the quickest journey requires negotiating the railway.

This usually isn't difficult but with small children, it can prove challenging.

The biggest fright was having a train round the corner while my son was trying to get his bike over the tracks.

When he was younger, I'd read a Thomas the Tank Engine story to him about a ghost train.

It was an image that combined with this project, although it might not be obvious.

I liked the idea of being stuck on the tracks in some sort of nightmare scenario.