Disquiet Junto 0348 Hot Mise en Abyme

The Junto this week asks for a musical equivalent to an art term describing "when a work of art includes a copy of itself, maybe more than one copy."

Before I'd had time to consider what it might be my partner suggested a mash-up.

Then I remembered the different interpretations of Offenbach's "Doll Song" 'Les oiseaux dans la charmille' from Les Contes d'Hoffman.

My quick edit combines versions by Natalie Dessay (twice), Diana Damrau and Rachele Gilmore.

Gilmore's performance is famous for being her debut at The Met and I love watching the response from the bloke over her right shoulder at the four and a half minute mark.

That performance is one I watch every now and then, enjoying a response that can include goosebumps and sometimes watery eyes.