Disquiet Junto 0305 Three Princes

The Junto this week asks for three loops of different lengths drawn from an archive of Sri Lankan music, then made into a song.

My loops came from "Aadarayai_Karunawai" and "Sri_Maha_Bodhimulehi" and "Umba_Kiya_Kiya" but they ended up being relatively in sync.

When I settled on these samples I was using a different percussion part from the last of those songs, which had a 6/8 riff.

Then I got tired of the musical part over the top of that rhythm and found there was a 5/4 break in the track, so I settled on using it.

After doing this I looked at the other two loops, a horn I think and three bell chimes, tweaked their lengths only a little and found they were 20 beats, 10 beats and the drums were 5 beats.

Then I started a drum part to accompany them and realised it was 4/4, which was a shock as the bass part I'd been jamming on was 3/4 and a bit similar to 'Money' by Pink Floyd.

So I played the bass a bit more and found a kinda disco part that seemed good for a chorus.