Disquiet Junto 0284 Creative Commonfield

The Junto this week asks for an interpretation of audio by Chris Kallmyer, a recording of his performance using ceramic chimes.

My process here was to EQ and compress a section of the MP3 recording and export it as a WAV file, which was then opened with Phatmatik Pro. This plug-in makes short loops and assigns them to MIDI, so I could find sections that worked together and layer parts of the recording.

When I'd found the parts that I wanted to use, I added reverb and delay on the buses to give it more shape. My idea was to create something that reflected the sense of sitting by a large river, imagining the source of the clay that made the instruments.

Because I needed to upload the result to Youtube, I went looking for a visual to accompany the recording and settled on using two takes of steam rising above the nearby rice coop.