Disquiet Junto 0271 Prison Sky

The Junto this week returns to the plight of Syrian prisoner Bassel Khartabil. Wednesday will make five years of detention and also a year since he's been heard from.

The project takes Bassel's description of seeing square sky while "dreaming of the moment I can see sky with no walls and bars" as a cue to music.

I took the chord progression onto the ukulele that I've been playing this week and added lyrics:

square of blue sky
I can pair with it
more in my mind
a bigger square of it
many times into
a blue sky
in my mind
think to times
when my blue sky
was free

The chord progression is the same one added to the drums recorded earlier for the Junto duet. It sounds gnarly to add this recording of my singing to either Lapping the Bowl or Crushin'.

Actually, you'll notice the video at top is a mash with Lapping the Bowl. Below is the vocal and ukulele version, which seems a bit naked and embarrassing.

The pitch-y singing and weird timing in places make this more of an experiment. So I've replaced the version below with one repitched up nine tones and used the MIDI recording of the same drum takes to drive a few VSTs.