Disquiet Junto 131 The Key of Tea

This week the Disquiet Junto project called for recording a boiling kettle, whistling preferred. I decided to invest in a whistling kettle for Burning Seed this year.

The kettle was recorded in my kitchen using a Rode NT-2 and an AKG PZM. The former microphone is my oldest and has a tinny edge that's good on soft sounds. The latter captured more of the boiling sound. I experimented with varying levels of steam by moving the kettle on the stove top.

About a decade ago I recorded a song called Slow Boil and I was thinking of it when I began manipulating samples of the hand clap and finger click used to make a beat. There's an Ableton Live Beatrepeat effect that bothers me a bit, now I listen back to it. You can hear it changes the kick.

There are a number of other effects on the percussion, including a drone towards the end. The bass was created from another file of the kettle recording fed through effects by Sinevibes and Sausage Fattener.

The photo on Soundcloud was snapped while driving through fog this week. It's a nod to the video I made for the earlier track and I like those ironbark trees outside Temora.