Naturalist trio

The Disquiet Junto this week was a bit like an Iron Chef-style challenge to create a song from only three ingredients:
Combine the following three field recordings of animals into an unlikely vocal trio: 

You can manipulate the sounds as you see fit, but at some point in the finished piece each sound should be recognizable by its source material. You may not add external sound sources.

My approach was to find a rhythm first. I used the bird recording because the gain on it was going to be a problem without gating anyway. Then I tried to make a bassline from the pig but it ended up sounding better as a kind of synth sound with a resonator. I looped the kitten to make the bassline, using my favourite Ohymboyz preset for the swelling drone.

To give the piece some structure I automated a few fades, as well as re-looping the pig and re-pitching the kitten. During mastering I ran the track through an EMT140-style reverb for that chrome character.