Disquiet Junto Minimal Haydn

This week's Disquiet Junto proposed a minimal techno remix of Franz Haydn’s String Quartet in F Major.

It took a couple of attempts before I found short loops of a bar or less were best for a techno feel.

The violin sounded a bit like Bernard Hermann's score for Psycho until I threw it down a flight of stairs.

The deep bass runs provided a nice kick sound by looping a small but dynamic section and adding a gate. I re-pitched loops, starting a 12-bar blues riff before it got patchy.

The structure was done on the fly for a live warehouse party in the early '90s-type vibe but the main influence was Ritchie Hawtin's music as Plastikman.

P.S. -- I've revised this remix after listening back and realising the glitch was a bit overdone. It was a sore thumb.