Disquiet Junto Tosca accoster

The Disquiet Junto this week takes the regular Soundcloud picnic to a whole new level. Read the Disquiet site description for details of the piano overlay exercise, the 65th Junto project.

I've been involved in more than a dozen projects now and there were a few others that I misinterpreted that were interesting experiences for me too.

When I first listened to Jared Brickman's piece I was reminded of Tosca, the Austrian downtempo electronica duo of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber. Particularly the disc of piano recordings that came with their Delihi9 album, I think.

Since I spent Good Friday afternoon playing bass and kick drum, I was feeling kinda groovy by the time I'd put my kids to bed and started working on my composition.

After a little bit of time jamming along with Jared, I settled on the two bass parts and looped them to accompany a drum beat straight out of the Audio Damage Tattoo presets.

Then I experimented with effects and EQ to shape the piano and bass and make space for each, before creating another percussion part.

Then more experimenting with effects, like amp simulators and modulators, to keep it interesting and moving along. I'm not sure what the sound is that comes in around the two-minute mark, the growling drone in the mids that starts to hum like reverb feedback or something but I really like it. Reminds me of 'the wires'.

Anyway, when I returned to my project on Saturday morning I was very happy with it and got to work on the final export. I'd been working with headphones last night so it was good to hear it on my monitor speakers and add some polish with my UAD effects.

The phasing on the percussion in the section where the piano is gated and delayed gives me a good feeling but overall I'm super happy with my contribution and reckon I got a good Dorfmeister-style dub bassline going on.