Jason Richardson – Arts CV

Jason Richardson's artistic interests involve sound, video and the English language

An interest in site-specific work has led landscapes to become a theme in his creative practise.
"Richardson is defining a niche of playful, minimalist music... I love the inventiveness, the audacity and the fun."
His experience as a curator and project coordinator includes work in galleries and museums, as well as online projects.

In addition to exhibiting in solo and group gallery shows, Richardson publishes field recordings, music and videos using the pseudonym Bassling.

Bassling is an active contributor in online communities, including co-coodinating the Shinobi Cuts remix chains and participating in projects with the Disquiet Junto (200+ videos) and Naviar Records (100+ videos).

Richardson's video productions include commercial work, such as television commercials and short documentaries. Clients include the Leeton Art Society, Leeton Shire Council and The Cad Factory.

As a freelance writer and critic he has been published in The Canberra Times, Realtime, Cyclic Defrost and elsewhere.

In 2019 Jason Richardson published Earthwords, an innovative publication combining haiku poetry and the cut-up technique, as part of his solo exhibition at Griffith Regional Art Gallery.
“Jason has an unconventional approach to art-making that is grounded in and informed by conventions of the past. His interdisciplinary approach is shaped by concepts found in literature and poetry, classical and modern art as well as underground music.”
He has also developed projection work for Albury, Griffith and Wagga Wagga councils.

Jason Richardson has been a resident of Leeton since 2009 and his projects in the town have generated national and international interest.

Selected exhibitions, projects, mentions and commissions


Beak Technique project
See details here

Collaborative project led by Kim Goldsmith

Our Riverina exhibition
Group exhibition

May 2022

Rescue of Riverina Birds exhibition
Jerilderie and then touring the Western Riverina

May 2022

Audio Visions exhibition
Griffith Regional Art Gallery

Apr 2022

Penny Paniz Arts Acquisitive Competition & Exhibition
Leeton Museum & Gallery

Dec 2021
Murrumbidgee Short Story Competition

Murrumbidgee Short Story Competition

First Place Winner Open Category 

July 2021

Lismore residency with RealArtWorks

July 2021

Five Flying Things videos
Supported by Western Riverina Arts and Create NSW, this series of activities was developed for entertaining children of varying ages while stuck at home during lockdown.

May 2021

Kandos residency with RealArtWorks

April 2021

Quoted in "Electronic Music School: A Contemporary Approach to Teaching Musical Creativity" by Will Kuhn and Ethan Hein

'How to make wind organs' video
See article at CDM here

Premiere of soundtrack for 'The Lost World'
See article on Cyclic Defrost here

Leeton Space Program screening
See trailer here

February 2021

My Fivebough banner installed at the Wetland
Photo by Kathy Tenison

January 2021

Published in The Canberra Times

December 2020

Published in Cyclic Defrost

December 2020

Contributor to Cities and Memory's Sounds From Venice Project

November 2020

Published in Cyclic Defrost, see summary at Disquiet.com

November 2020

Contributor to Cities and Memory's Inferno project, with my track 'Drive It Like You Stole It'

November 2020

Contributor to The (un)Usual at Artstate in Wagga Wagga

October 2020

Contributor to Cities and Memory's Future Cities project

July 2020

Soundscapes at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

July 2020

Our Riverina video profiles with Leeton Art Society

July 2020

Fivebough At The Heart of Leeton 

Collaboration with Leeton Community Op Shop, Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists and Murrumbidgee Landcare to raise the profile of a local wetland.

May 2020

Contributor to ART e-PARTIES

Apr 2020

Solo album SING published on Bandcamp

Mar 2020

Producer of The Penny Effect

See trailer here

Mar 2020

Contributor to Cities and Memory's #StayHomeSounds

Unattributed quote from Richardson describing Leeton recording in The Monthly magazine shown right.

Feb 2020

Disquiet.com: Layers by the River

Dec 2019

Haiku published in Echidna Tracks fourth issue

Dec 2019

Tanka written with Dr Greg Pritchard published in Atlas Poetica 39

Dec 2019

Contributor to Six Years of Naviar Haiku

Dec 2019

Contributor to RealArtWorks’ event The (Un)Usual in Lismore

Music from Spinks Park performed, developed collage and video resources, as well as "toastie curator" role for breakfast event. Photo by Peita Vincent

Nov 2019

Haiku poem included in the Poetry Pea podcast of 30 November

Oct 2019

Artist talk for Earthwords & Soundscaping at Griffith Regional Art Gallery
Photo by Dawn Richardson

Sept 2019

Solo exhibition Earthwords & Soundscaping at Griffith Regional Art Gallery

June 2019

Launch of CASP-funded ‘Big Guitar’ project with Narrandera Shire Council

See also this article on Create Digital Music and project with the Disquiet Junto

Apr 2019

Contributor to ‘Yellowstone’ album compiled by Cities and Memory

See profile here

Jul 2018

Contributor to ‘Fragments’ exhibition at Narrandera Arts Centre

Dec 2017

Contributor to soundtrack of ‘A Spiral Mind’ documentary on ABC

Nov 2017

Contributor to ‘Land. Home. Country.’ exhibition at Griffith Regional Art Gallery

Oct 2017

Curator of ‘Crossing Streams’ international collaboration and exhibition in Narrandera
Photo by Derek Motion

Apr 2017

Contributor to ‘Clouded Lands’ exhibition at Rich Mix in London

Apr 2017

Coordinator of CASP-funded workshops at Pioneer Park Museum’s Action Day

Jan 2017

Coordinator of Multicultural NSW-funded Australia Day activities at Pioneer Park

Jan 2017

Commissioned to create projections for Wagga Wagga City Council ‘Nightlights’ program

Nov 2016

Contributor to ‘Flower Power’ exhibition at Griffith Regional Art Gallery

Aug 2016

Developer of an experimental blindfolded audio tour at Pioneer Park Museum

Jul 2016

Curator of ‘Now and Then’ exhibition at Griffith Regional Theatre

Jun 2016 

Coordinator of CASP-funded ’Pioneering Projections’ workshop and website at Pioneer Park Museum

Oct 2015

Coordinator of ‘Lost World’ screening at Lillypilly Winery for Taste Riverina Festival in Leeton

Oct 2015

Commissioned to develop art installation at Burning Seed outside Matong

Oct 2015

Contributor to ‘Nothing Is Useless’ exhibition at Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery

Sep 2015

Developer of art installation in Narrandera as part of Bring To Light Projects

Sep 2015

‘500 Words’ story broadcast on ABC Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’ program throughout Australia

June 2015

Creator of projections developed with poet Derek Motion for Wagga Wagga City Council

Apr 2015

Bassling video profile screened four times on ABC News 24 throughout Australia

Jan 2015

Coordinator of photography workshops on behalf of Western Riverina Arts in Narrandera and Leeton

Nov 2014

Contributor to ‘State of Origin’ exhibition at Unit24 Gallery in London

Aug 2014

Speaker at ‘Dream Big’ conference in Narrandera on DIY Public Relations

Aug 2014 

Live performance (as Bassling) in Grong Grong
Photo by Derek Motion

Mar 2014

Contributor to ‘Reimagining the Murrumbidgee’ exhibition at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Jan 2014

Contributor to New Weird Australia’s Rural, Regional & Remote compilation

Dec 2013

Contributor to ‘Reimagining the Murrumbidgee’ exhibition at Roxy Art Space in Leeton

Jul 2013

Coordinator and content creator for various ‘For 100 Years’ screenings in Leeton

See RealTime profile here

Sep 2013

Contributor to urban art projections program in Albury

Jan 2013

Contributor to ‘Art Misadventure #3’ exhibition at Roxy Art Space in Leeton

Oct 2012

‘For 100 Years’ solo exhibition at Roxy Art Space in Leeton

Apr 2011

Coordinator of ‘Metropolis’ screening including mixing new soundtrack for Leeton Art Deco Festival
Photo by Michael McNamara

Aug 2009

Contributor to ‘Notes from the Underground’ screenings at Federation Square, Melbourne

Jul 2007

Curator of ‘First Three Songs, No Flash’ exhibition at HR Gallop Gallery, Wagga Wagga

Oct 2006

Contributor to Unsound festival, Wagga Wagga