naviarhaiku237 – The distant mountains

The haiku this week reminded that I thought I could hear a dragonfly in this recording made at Ulupna Island.

It's the same recording that contributed a jumping fish to my "In Sea" Junto this week.

That fish might've been a Murray Cod, if only because that was the river.

Signature problem solved

That sort of plummy quality to early electronic music was just a technical problem they were trying to get around.

Mean a thing, it does not

Disquiet Junto 0342 In Sea

Record a piece of music in tribute to Terry Riley’s In C using only samples of water sounds.

These videos were collected at Valla Beach, Ebor Falls and on the Murray River at Ulupna Island.

The short loops were gated to produce rhythms, which also included resonators.

Disquiet Junto 0339 Rude Mechanicals

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants to realise the genre Rude Mechanical.

I've revisited a video that Youtube took down earlier this year, presumably because it's too rude.

My most popular Disquiet video was a remixed smack three years ago, see Three Of A Kind.

Eno playing for Peanuts

By poppinuts

naviarhaiku234 – when the cicadas cease

It wasn't the voice of the pine that spoke to me when I saw the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week, rather a piece of River Red Gum.

My friend Hape Kiddle of Bidgee Studio gave it to me to develop a work for the Fragments exhibition in Narrandera next month.

First thing I did was tap it and found a variety of tones.

Second thing I did was atached a contact microphone and record a couple of takes of taps.

The result here is two takes layered together with some processing like delay.

Walking bass line

Seen here

naviarhaiku231 – men, women

The haiku last week reminded me of a dance track I hadn't finished.

It was a track in need of a video though.

There was a sandwich filmed and waiting to be edited.

That took a bit longer than planned.

Disquiet Junto 0336 Open Mic

The Junto this week asks to hear a track in progress

Here's a start on my next toasted sandwich video.

Naviarhaiku230 – To the end of the field

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week reminded me of an autumnal sunset I'd filmed, which can be seen in the video above.

The music is a variation on this chord progression recently recorded.

Disquiet Junto 0335 Alone Time

The Disquiet Junto this week asks for music for being held on the telephone.

Sometime this afternoon while pondering how it might sound I remembered a sketch started for the recent Junto responding to lottery numbers.

I’d listened to it looped for a long time without getting an idea how to resolve it.

It seemed perfect for waiting on the phone.

Originally there was a bass part but I thought that wouldn’t translate to the narrow bandwidth of telecommunications.

It features an organ I’ve used a lot in recent months, as well as percussion and drums.

Whatever you now find weird, ugly, uncomfortable and nasty

Disquiet Junto 0334 Mass Branca

The Junto this week remembers Glenn Branca with a multi-layered piece of music using a single sound source.

After revisiting the 'layered sameness' Junto last week, I found inspiration in a chord progression that I thought would suit that approach.

Naviarhaiku228 – A snail

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to think about something glistening and led me to revisit a multilayered approach I learned from the 'Layered Sameness' Disquiet Junto.

Talent is...

From FB

Disquiet Junto 0333 Half Evil

The Junto this week asks for a piece of music that could be described as half evil.

I had a funky 12-bar blues riff that I thought would sound a bit evil with a drop D-tuned guitar part.

The result sounds a little like Queens of the Stone Age to me, which might be considered half evil.


Naviarhaiku227 – Morning coolness

It's not the most obvious association but this haiku shared by Naviar Records this week reminded me of a song I wrote about a decade ago but never recorded.

Something in the image of a spider web blowing in the breeze reminded me of the lyrics I'd written about a weed known as Hairy Panic, presumably because when it gets in your trousers it feels like an army of spiders climbing your leg.

In an effort to avoid forgetting the lyrics, I published them on my ShowcaseJase blog a couple of years ago.

I relished the opportunity to record each part in a single take. This meant recording up to half a dozen times and you can hear some of those other takes accompanying those shown in the videos, with both the vocal and guitar part supported with two takes each panned to widen the track.


Please subscribe to the Bassling Youtube channel, if nothing else it will help stop my kids from laughing at me.

Disquiet Junto 0332 Lucky Numbers

The Junto this week asks how a string of numbers might inform a short musical composition and directs participants to research recent lottery results.

For a while I tried to find something musical in the Lotto numbers, experimenting with numbers of bars and equations to reveal time signatures or BPMs.

Then I decided to search for the numbers in my back-up files and selected the first video from the results for each.

This material was then remixed.

Many of the source files came from previous Junto projects, one is a television commercial that I didn't have any role in but ended up in my files because I contributed other videos to Bidgee Binge programs.

I wanted to get a different file but it was the only result and in the end provided a fat kick.

One highlight was hearing my partner ask "Is that Cliff Martinez?" while I was working on it.

Struggling with guitar AF

My friend Gypsy is learning guitar and I think she's going to struggle with A and F chords

Confucius say

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.

Disquiet Junto 0331 Born Under a Bad Sine

The Disquiet Junto this week asks "What does it sound like when a robot has the blues?"

If I were programming a robot to deal with the blues, I'd instruct it to dance.

You're only ever a few minutes from happiness if you have a song you like to dance to.

I've recorded a few riffs on my MIDI guitar and then sought a few robot-like presets.

Video comes courtesy of NASA.

Musical chairs

Disquiet Junto 0330 Wax Off

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants to "make a piece of music by erasing aspects of a pre-existing track."

I settled on having a go at 'Lame Brain' from a previous Junto, in part because I wanted a track that was recent enough to still be on my computer.

I'd thought it would be easy to take the arrangement and use the guitar recordings, rather than the MIDI parts that had driven cello and viola parts.

However, I found that I'd erased the guitar recordings in the project file and had to go back to the recording and start there.

As a result, this track is a different arrangement because I'd already erased aspects.

Disquiet Junto 0328 Sonic Pentimento

The Junto this explores the sonic equivalent of "a visible trace of earlier painting beneath a layer or layers of paint on a canvas."

I've interpreted this drawing on a few ideas, including using one of the drafts I'd started when responding to the Junto last week and incorporating elements from the song I wrote for the last Naviar Records' haiku.

And the video includes a toasted sandwich that I've been planning for a while: a sandwich within a sandwich.

Naviarhaiku222 – Ghostly melody

Last week Naviar Records shared my 'Ghsotly melody' haiku.

When that was written I'd forgotten the melody that I'd awoken to find in my head, which often happens.

So for my response I decided to draw on other haiku I've written, compiling a collection and jamming on them until lyrics began to form:

Sleep a dark rough sea
shipwreck surrounding mystery
she hides
many things

Ripples reflecting streaming light
a thought surfacing in the night
both shallow and deep
rivers of consciousness while we sleep

Under morning glow
magpies gently chortle song
brightening my day
while the shadows are long

Ghostly melody
follow me into my day
fragment of a dream
won’t you please stay

Cockatoos exclaim
echoing among river red gums
morning has broken
and so am I

On the dry dawn breeze
a chattering in the trees
if birds knew words
I’d hear headlines

Ghostly melody
follow me into my day
fragment of a dream
come what may

Riding as dusk falls
nostalgia induced shopping malls
looking backwards
while moving ahead

handwritten words on a page
watching thoughts appear
feeling my age

As days flutter by
they must feel like full lifetimes
to a butterfly

Ghostly melody
follow me into my day
fragment of a dream
leading me astray

Disquiet Junto 0327 Time Zoned

The Junto this week reminded me how good it is to use a 3/4 time signature for basslines.

I also like using unlikely time signatures when making soundtracks for my toasted sandwich videos.

So I took the opportunity to make both a 3/4 bassline and a sandwich.

The Latin percussion follows 7/4 and an 808 beats 2/4, as well as an organ and cello both in 4/4.

This is my 140th Disquiet Junto video and my 27th Remarkable Sandwich.

It's also the third sandwich I've shared with the Junto :)

Naviarhaiku221 – Spring approaches

The haiku shared by Naviar Records is the wrong season sorta the right location as I'll be swimming in the Pacific Ocean within a few weeks.

In the meantime I'll be swimming in Leeton Pool, which is where my son shot the video I've purloined to accompany my track.

Disquiet Junto 0326 Wave Turntable

The Junto this week asks for a composition using only sine waves and turntable surface noise.

My piece used a couple of sine wave presets from Ableton's Operator synth and a few recordings of a dusty turntable.

The bassline was made with the hum of the turntable as it turned on, dropped down an octave.

You can see in the video that the percussive parts came from the initial contact of the needle on the record, which is an album of bushdance songs that my partner likes.

I recorded a couple of takes on the MIDI guitar to drive Operator, however the video cut out during the second one which was a shame as it was better.

There's a long take of the surface noise from the end of the album to play throughout.

Wings to the mind

Naviarhaiku220 – a quiet garden

It was fortuitous in many ways that it decided to rain today, both for my garden and my resonse to the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week.

My town Leeton has only had around a quarter of the average rain so far this year.

When I saw on the satellite website there was a rain cloud approaching, I set the camera in my garden to video the first drops.

Then this afernoon I recorded a MIDI guitar part, then set about find synth sounds to accompany the recording from my backyard.

There's a gorgeous insect sound when the rain begins, as well as birds chirping.

Below is a version on guitars

Lord give me coffee

Disquiet Junto 0325 Fake Book

This week I found the Junto directions challenging.

I liked the idea of making a forgery of an old jazz song but the Edison cylinders didn't provide the materials I needed for samples.

So I took cues from music, particularly the tuba bass parts, to forge a jazz song.

Izotope's Vinyl VST was used to give a grainy finish, which is also in mono.

And, when I began pondering what imagery I'd use for the video, I found Georges Méliès film La Sirène from 1904.

Disquiet Junto 0324 Factory Floor

The Junto this week asks music that suggests momentum.

It got me thinking of something energetic, which led me back to a remix I'd started.

The track 'Mage_Pathminige_Rupe_Nisa_Ale_Kale_Man' was one of the songs from Ceylon that were part of the Three Princes Junto last Novemeber.

They're called bass players

Naviarhaiku219 – moonlight enters

This haiku shared by Naviar Records reminded me of many sleepless nights.

Usually I'm less bothered by mosquitoes than by my thoughts flying around in my head.

So I opted for a minor key piece based on the recent Juntos that referenced research that found slower, darker pieces are more likely to lead to wandering thoughts.

Milk crates are versatile

Milk crates are a good way to raise speakers off the ground.

They're also a staple of group houses.

Once I used milk crates as a bed base and they were very comfortable, as well as making moving house easy.

Disquiet Junto 0323 Music for Meditation

The Junto this week is pretty much as described.

Down below you can see my initial attempt, which seemed too random and distracting for meditation.

So I returned to an earlier recording of bowls floating on water and changed my approach, as well as including a wider variety of reverbs.

Get yourself together man

Disquiet Junto 0322 The Wanderer

The Disquiet Junto project this week returns to research by Dr. Liila Taruffi and her colleagues but asks, in contrast to last week, for a piece of music that encourages the mind to wander.

My response was put together hastily and would've benefited from more time to finesse the parts.

I think it illustrates Charles Mingus' observation "Making the simple complicated is commonplace"

Naviarhaiku217 – It has come to pass

My response to the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week is a simple one, a recording of a morning scene on the Goulburn River.

Kydd upright bass

Last year I resolved not buy new instruments and failed.

This year I've also failed.

However, I've also got a very nice bass for a fraction of the retail price.


Naviarhaiku216 – Looking up

The haiku shared by Naviar this week reminded me of another song, so I adapted the lyrics to reflect my Burning Seed romance.

Bass didn't feel right

Disquiet Junto 0321 Let’s Active

The Junto this week is more prescriptive than usual, with directions including instrumentation and tempo.

I quickly came up with a chord progression on the ukulele and then improvised an accompaniment on the glockenspiel.

The key is C so I could just think about hitting the white glocks.

This is Bill

Disquiet Junto 0318 Linear Training

The Disquiet Junto this week asks for a composition drawn from a single tone.

At first I was challenged trying to think of a tone, then it took a few attempts to find one I liked.

After a day I settled on a video of my son playing a concrete marimba-like instrument outside the Questacon.

In Live I looped the F note, which was a bit shorter than the five seconds recommended.

I explored pitching it and shifting the loops to play at various intervals, as well as gating the recording.

Before long I'd developed a simple melody that grew as loops joined it.

Below you can hear where the tone came from.

Four years later

James Brown's list

Naviarhaiku212 – Under a winter moon

This haiku shared by Naviar Records this week seemed restless.

I've put the resulting track to video shot of an exhibit that uses dry ice to illustrate the release of gas.


Disquiet Junto 0316 El Segundo

After Marc’s email arrived, I listened to the tracks and began noodling along on my fretless bass. I’d wanted to use the fretless last week but the three-note chords were painful.

Benn DeMole’s track ‘Brother Lost’ appealed to me for the sparse notes and intense vibrato. Fretless seemed perfect given the tight intervals.

Then I realised it needed the fretless two-string bass that I’d bought last year and mean to use more often but it’s always more work and uncomfortable to play.

Putting that resonant kick-body near the sub was an experiment in generating unruly feedback that was filtered out. I’ve added some distortion so the bass might be heard on smaller speakers.

‘Brothers Lost’ by Benn DeMole and Bassling can be downloaded here

Disquiet Junto 0315 First Chair

The Junto this week asks for the first part of a trio.

I recorded a bass part at 81 BPM.

It starts E D C, then E G D. Then arpeggios through E G D C, I think.

There’s a bit that holds A B7 D, then it goes through the arpeggios again.

You can download this part here

Naviarhaiku209 – I am all ears

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week led me to think of rice and listening.

As a result I went back to the folder of music from Ceylon that was part of the Disquiet Junto's Three Princes project, which I also used to make music for a toasted sandwich with weed and leftover curry.

The outcome was that I listened to music and looked for a way to contribute, settling on adding drums to Sunil Santha's 'Don Don Don Dontha'.

naviarhaiku208 – Considering the years gone by

Marco at Naviar Records describes the haiku shared this week as "more abstract than usual, but I think it’s a perfect conclusion for this year"

When I began contemplating the words, I imagined surveying the landscape of my own haiku. I reviewed those written each day this year and imagined striding through the results like a giant.

"In Giant Steps" is a dash through the prose I've written this year. It's the first spoken word response I've recorded for Naviar in a while.