Disquiet Junto 0324 Factory Floor

The Junto this week asks music that suggests momentum.

It got me thinking of something energetic, which led me back to a remix I'd started.

The track 'Mage_Pathminige_Rupe_Nisa_Ale_Kale_Man' was one of the songs from Ceylon that were part of the Three Princes Junto last Novemeber.

They're called bass players

Naviarhaiku219 – moonlight enters

This haiku shared by Naviar Records reminded me of many sleepless nights.

Usually I'm less bothered by mosquitoes than by my thoughts flying around in my head.

So I opted for a minor key piece based on the recent Juntos that referenced research that found slower, darker pieces are more likely to lead to wandering thoughts.

Milk crates are versatile

Milk crates are a good way to raise speakers off the ground.

They're also a staple of group houses.

Once I used milk crates as a bed base and they were very comfortable, as well as making moving house easy.

Disquiet Junto 0323 Music for Meditation

The Junto this week is pretty much as described.

Down below you can see my initial attempt, which seemed too random and distracting for meditation.

So I returned to an earlier recording of bowls floating on water and changed my approach, as well as including a wider variety of reverbs.

Get yourself together man

Disquiet Junto 0322 The Wanderer

The Disquiet Junto project this week returns to research by Dr. Liila Taruffi and her colleagues but asks, in contrast to last week, for a piece of music that encourages the mind to wander.

My response was put together hastily and would've benefited from more time to finesse the parts.

I think it illustrates Charles Mingus' observation "Making the simple complicated is commonplace"

Naviarhaiku217 – It has come to pass

My response to the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week is a simple one, a recording of a morning scene on the Goulburn River.

Kydd upright bass

Last year I resolved not buy new instruments and failed.

This year I've also failed.

However, I've also got a very nice bass for a fraction of the retail price.


Naviarhaiku216 – Looking up

The haiku shared by Naviar this week reminded me of another song, so I adapted the lyrics to reflect my Burning Seed romance.

Bass didn't feel right

Disquiet Junto 0321 Let’s Active

The Junto this week is more prescriptive than usual, with directions including instrumentation and tempo.

I quickly came up with a chord progression on the ukulele and then improvised an accompaniment on the glockenspiel.

The key is C so I could just think about hitting the white glocks.

This is Bill

Disquiet Junto 0318 Linear Training

The Disquiet Junto this week asks for a composition drawn from a single tone.

At first I was challenged trying to think of a tone, then it took a few attempts to find one I liked.

After a day I settled on a video of my son playing a concrete marimba-like instrument outside the Questacon.

In Live I looped the F note, which was a bit shorter than the five seconds recommended.

I explored pitching it and shifting the loops to play at various intervals, as well as gating the recording.

Before long I'd developed a simple melody that grew as loops joined it.

Below you can hear where the tone came from.

Four years later

James Brown's list

Naviarhaiku212 – Under a winter moon

This haiku shared by Naviar Records this week seemed restless.

I've put the resulting track to video shot of an exhibit that uses dry ice to illustrate the release of gas.


Disquiet Junto 0316 El Segundo

After Marc’s email arrived, I listened to the tracks and began noodling along on my fretless bass. I’d wanted to use the fretless last week but the three-note chords were painful.

Benn DeMole’s track ‘Brother Lost’ appealed to me for the sparse notes and intense vibrato. Fretless seemed perfect given the tight intervals.

Then I realised it needed the fretless two-string bass that I’d bought last year and mean to use more often but it’s always more work and uncomfortable to play.

Putting that resonant kick-body near the sub was an experiment in generating unruly feedback that was filtered out. I’ve added some distortion so the bass might be heard on smaller speakers.

‘Brothers Lost’ by Benn DeMole and Bassling can be downloaded here

Disquiet Junto 0315 First Chair

The Junto this week asks for the first part of a trio.

I recorded a bass part at 81 BPM.

It starts E D C, then E G D. Then arpeggios through E G D C, I think.

There’s a bit that holds A B7 D, then it goes through the arpeggios again.

You can download this part here

Naviarhaiku209 – I am all ears

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week led me to think of rice and listening.

As a result I went back to the folder of music from Ceylon that was part of the Disquiet Junto's Three Princes project, which I also used to make music for a toasted sandwich with weed and leftover curry.

The outcome was that I listened to music and looked for a way to contribute, settling on adding drums to Sunil Santha's 'Don Don Don Dontha'.

naviarhaiku208 – Considering the years gone by

Marco at Naviar Records describes the haiku shared this week as "more abstract than usual, but I think it’s a perfect conclusion for this year"

When I began contemplating the words, I imagined surveying the landscape of my own haiku. I reviewed those written each day this year and imagined striding through the results like a giant.

"In Giant Steps" is a dash through the prose I've written this year. It's the first spoken word response I've recorded for Naviar in a while.